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Author Topic: UE4 - return of unrealscript?  (Read 1005 times)
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« on: Sat 24.05.2014 12:27:22 »

Unrealscript was removed in the Unreal Engine 4, but now Epic realized that user created C++ mods are potentially harmful to target computers. Some Epic developers look for a solution to this potential security risk, without banning mods. May this be the return of unrealscript?
There are a couple of people working on scripting systems for UE4 including C# and Java. Even Matt is working on his own updated version of UnrealScript outside of is work for Epic and it going to be really sweet. Now I don't think any of these secondary scripting system will ever become a part of the engine, so unsupported 3rd party add-ons will have to do.

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« Reply #1 on: Sat 24.05.2014 13:56:00 »

I don't think UnrealScript will return for UE4... but for UT. For the moment, there is no game planned with community mod support (not even FortNight afaik). Even if Epic plans to provide submissions to share content for UT the risk to install malicious software is very high. I think they will allow manual installation where the risk is even higher.

Mysterial, the guy who's working on that private project, is replying in your referenced thread.

UnrealScript is limited. But only limited to what BluePrint also allows. For some mods/addons, it's just perfect. Who wants to install DLLs for some specific mods (LowGravExtreme, ...) from some random guy.

Yes. I think it will return. But maybe in 1year and up.
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