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Author Topic: UT99 RypelCam: Installation  (Read 712 times)
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« on: Tue 16.12.2014 00:16:19 »

RypelCam Unreal Engine 1 Edition - V1.2

created by RypeL

Included programs:

1.  RypelCam Unreal Engine 1 Edition - V1.2
Purpose: RypelCam is a tool that enhances the playback of game replays and allows movie makers to create camera paths and cinematic sequences

2.  Unreal Tournament Demo Manager 3.0 by UsAaR33 with extensions by {GkC}Poema
Purpose: in-game browser of demos, automatic demo recording functionality, new demo recording driver with numerous fixes, additional functions during playback

3.  MovieUnreal2002 by Yoda with extensions by Argon
Purpose: Framegrabbing to create high-quality movies from game replays


1.  Extract all files of the .zip archives to the system folder of Unreal Tournament (example: C:\UnrealTournament\System)
2.  Open Unrealtournament.ini (in the system directory)
3.  Find the line that says DemoRecordingDevice=Engine.DemoRecDriver
4.  Change it to: DemoRecordingDevice=udemo.uDemoDriver
5.  Backup User.ini, so you can restore the original key binds when you want to play
6.  Final step, in User.ini, add the key binds as listed below. Place them at the end of the section [Engine.Input], or replace the existing key binds. In case of key binds that share the same key, only the last entry in the list is valid. (it is possible to assign multiple commands to a key bind, separated with "|")

Key binds:

1=summon Cam.saveMouseRotTrigger
2=summon Cam.mouseMoveTrigger
3=summon Cam.mouseMovezTrigger
4=summon Cam.timeDispTrigger
5=summon Cam.btimetrigger
NumPad1=viewclass CamControl
NumPad2=viewclass CamControl | behindview 0 | summon Cam.startTrigger
NumPad3=viewclass CamControl | behindview 0 | summon Cam.startTrigger2
NumPad4=editactor class=camcontrol
NumPad5=summon Cam.Knoten
NumPad6=summon Cam.mouseTrigger
GreyStar=summon Cam.textTrigger
GreySlash=summon Cam.drawkey
GreyMinus=summon Cam.ViewerTriggerDecrement
GreyPlus=summon Cam.ViewerTrigger
Up=moveRot 1024 0 0 0.1
Down=moveRot -1024 0 0 0.1
Left=moveRot 0 -1024 0 0.1
Right=moveRot 0 1024 0 0.1
PageUp=summon Cam.softlyquicker
PageDown=summon Cam.softlyslower
Delete=summon Cam.slower
End=summon Cam.faster
R=CurTime | TotalTime | CurFrame | TotalFrames
Aliases[26]=(Command="behindview 1 | set input NumPad0 FirstPerson",Alias=ThirdPerson)
Aliases[27]=(Command="behindview 0 | set input NumPad0 ThirdPerson",Alias=FirstPerson)

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