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Author Topic: Cheater Caught on Public vCTF: g07_rFlex_ is a Russian aimbotter  (Read 460 times)
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« on: Sun 11.01.2009 03:38:24 »

g07_rFlex_ :

Kills per game: 47
Kill:Death - enforcer: 55.79
Kill:Death - Shock: 6.76
Kill:Death - Stinger: 6.96

...he prefers to hide in vehicles (to make it less obvious?)
Kill:Death - Nemesis Turret: 166
Kill:Death - DW 57

Here you find his stats

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« Reply #1 on: Sun 11.01.2009 10:32:36 »

I know a guy who isnt a cheater and he has a Kill:Game of 147
but i think he made only 3 games or something like that.

But they guy in your vid is a CHEATER!
And nice song at the start  Crazysmile1
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