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Author Topic: What do u want to improve in your gameplay??  (Read 13587 times)
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« Reply #140 on: Tue 13.10.2009 12:44:59 »

I need to reduce teamkills, right, Bloody? :D

Yes idd :D

Does that mean that NVidia makes no new Drivers anymore and that stuff?  msn002.gif

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« Reply #141 on: Tue 13.10.2009 13:10:06 »

No it just means that their next product will be a vid card with a ton of features that we, the casual gamers do not need and will never benefit from.

Don't worry, new drivers are gonna be released as they have always been.

Edit: wow, those guys at SemiAccurate are bashing nVidia pretty hard. Who knows how accurate their predictions gonna be.
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« Reply #142 on: Tue 13.10.2009 13:29:11 »

They haven't said they'd stop making gaming cards. But they haven't really said much anything about Fermi's gaming capability. All they talk is GPGPU, CUDA etc. Still Fermi is a DX11 card, and it should handle games fairly well. It's maybe 3/2 bigger than 5870, so it should also be that much faster, and that much more expensive. We just don't know yet how good it is. It might suck. It might not. Those who think it's going to be cheap have lost their minds.  Crazysmile1

I considered the new 5770, but since it's sold for 140-150€, and the performance is sub 4870, it wasn't good enough even with dx11 and whatnot. I can update to a new dx11 card after a year, when there's actually some dx11 games. Still I think 5770 is a decent card, and a good choice if you want to buy a new card, but since I got the 275 so cheap it wasn't a hard choice, especially after seeing the performance difference in UT3. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/HIS/HD_5770/23.html

Nvidia camp here I come! I can already feel the noob fanboy in me raising it's ugly head!  xxxlaugh.gif

Oh, and don't mind Charlie from SemiAccurate. He's the #1 Nvidia hater.
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« Reply #143 on: Tue 13.10.2009 13:49:25 »

hehe PainSavour you switched from ATi to Nvidia and I just did the other way around. 4890 my very first card from the red camp.

btw I don't know why but I got the feeling that Larrabee is gonna be an Epic Fail.

And to stay on topic: I need to stop fucking around in the center of the maps with shock and actually do some real flagcapping.
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« Reply #144 on: Mon 02.11.2009 10:57:46 »

what i want to improve in my gameplay: shock combos
i never was very good with the shock combos, but they just are very strong :D enough reason to learn doing it more properly Tongue
guess i gotta go practise a bit :)

by Coreper
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