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Author Topic: Parabellum  (Read 553 times)
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« on: Wed 22.04.2009 16:36:27 »

A online multiplay shooter. Looks like counter strike and the best is the price: 0€/$

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« Reply #1 on: Wed 22.04.2009 17:12:06 »

 xxxras.gif meh, looks generic, utterly uninspired and boring :(

the price can be the only motivation, but since it's on the Xbox... NOT

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« Reply #2 on: Wed 22.04.2009 18:14:55 »

It's not only on XBox 360, it's also available for pc.

Its price is 0 €/$ because it's a (closed) beta right now.
I doubt it will be free when it's final Wink


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