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Author Topic: How to join _Dark_ Clan  (Read 1244 times)
Mr. Massacre
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« on: Sat 20.06.2009 14:37:02 »

Here some tips from me to join a clan.

1. Some ingame chat or jokes are always helpful.

2. Join the ClanTeamSpeak if you are playing. So the Clanmembers get to know you and see how good your english is.

3. Present yourself. Tell us about your real life. If you dont want that in Public Threads then do it on our TS!

4. Dont apply official until the Clan got a first impression of you and your personality.

5. Ask about a friendly war or training to show how good you are. That will be usually a vCTF or BTA match.

After these steps you can be sure to get a deliberate answer.

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