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Author Topic: a "shock combo" movie  (Read 4429 times)
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« Reply #20 on: Wed 29.04.2009 01:45:56 »

A couple of things on PS3 UT3 that are not on PC UT3.. (One of the cool things you can do on PS3 ut3 is when some one shoots an avrill but dus not lock on... you then can use there avrill rocket for your own Fr@g by simple locking on a manta or any thing els) Also i had a try my self with with thing you sed about the Auto-Aim helping you get shock-com.. and its tru!!. Of course it dus not aim fully for you BUT! you get much more better to hit a combo..

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« Reply #21 on: Sat 20.06.2009 10:19:03 »

why not just purchase an aimbot to go with your speedhack so you can auto-aim all the time darkrobin :)
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« Reply #22 on: Wed 01.07.2009 17:44:47 »

omfg, really nice tongue
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