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Author Topic: Posting Activity By Time  (Read 806 times)
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« on: Wed 12.08.2009 07:36:48 »

My 'Posting Activity By Time' in this forum:

Looks like I’m sleeping on the middle of the day when I’m suppose to work  xxxlaugh.gif Better get back to work right now  tongue
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« Reply #1 on: Wed 12.08.2009 10:30:19 »

It's very interesting to see statistics of this forum, yea  msn011.gif

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« Reply #2 on: Wed 12.08.2009 13:27:01 »

If I'm not wrong, the server time differs about 6 hours from CEsummerT.
Only the posting time is changeable, the statistics are always recorded on the server time.

So it are just the morning hours when you are sleeping.  Azn

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