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Author Topic: New Member: m4rt1ni  (Read 6946 times)
Mr. Massacre
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« on: Sun 23.08.2009 20:46:47 »

Today your trial ended and we decided that you will be definitely our Clanmate.

Welcome and good luck m4rt1ni.

I hope we will have vctf clan wars with you in the future because enemies are rare atm.

What ever: Have fun mate.
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Quote from: Mordsspass
I think most or even all of you already know whom I am talking about, our good old bigoted Splitter.
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« Reply #1 on: Sun 23.08.2009 21:31:03 »

 msn001.gif Thanks man! I really appreciate the welcoming message

I've put the _Dark_ tag to my nick, ready to spread the _Darkness

Although it's unlikely atm maybe someone who wants to get their ass kicked will show up in the future.

Likewise, have fun clanmate  Cool

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« Reply #2 on: Sun 23.08.2009 22:07:31 »

Yeah, welcome M4rt1ni, nice to have you as a Dark mate!

Mess with the best, die like the rest
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« Reply #3 on: Sun 23.08.2009 23:49:31 »


I want you shaken not stirred  drinks.gif
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Let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Narcisuss, sculptor of physiques. Let them say I lived in the time of Zyzz.
Dark Clan Leader
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« Reply #4 on: Mon 24.08.2009 01:37:55 »

well I already told you, but welcome in the clan dude  :)
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« Reply #5 on: Mon 24.08.2009 11:08:50 »

welcome in _dark_ m4rtini!!!
 see u online
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« Reply #6 on: Mon 24.08.2009 17:08:58 »

Even as I prefer a good old rhum msn012.gif : Welcome in our brotherhood!  red fox

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl FHTAGN.
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« Reply #7 on: Mon 24.08.2009 19:11:04 »

Hey m4rt1n1
Welcome to our clan!  :)
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« Reply #8 on: Mon 24.08.2009 19:25:58 »

Welcome, martini!  wink2.gif

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