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Author Topic: Christallis ♥'s Avrils [BK.RT vs _Dark_]  (Read 543 times)
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« on: Sun 18.10.2009 14:20:59 »


Click on my signature to see what I think about that kill  xxxlaugh.gif
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« Reply #1 on: Sun 18.10.2009 15:22:47 »

lol nice. I remember i did some kick-ass avril kills too. Blax saw one on public yesterday when he spectated. (i think he spectated me cuz i carried flag and he loled after i killed this guy with avril lol)

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« Reply #2 on: Sun 18.10.2009 19:35:43 »

nice ones idd, it must have been really funny to see the blue guy flying and getting hit by the avril  xxxlaugh.gif
i've made some kills similars to those, really nice

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« Reply #3 on: Mon 19.10.2009 18:11:37 »

Kill someone(without vehicule) with an avril in chance Wink like clado remember vs HP msn012.gif

I'll make specials videos too ^^ This is a work i started a few month ago and i have to find others "things"... Wink

I'll take a revenge Bloody with your video ^^, Christallis is one member of my clan so... :

"War video, here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ^^"

wait and see lol ^^  xxxras.gif


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