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Author Topic: Test Movie  (Read 3836 times)
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« Reply #20 on: Mon 02.11.2009 13:26:52 »

I recorded demo of that game, you'll be able to see me firing the deemer to kill the people chasing you and it gave you a huge boost over to our flag lol
heh thanks  Smiley  I remember another time when i flied over map cuz of friendly redeemer, but some asshole put me down with enforcer in the air...

I think we can do some kick ass flagruns with redeemer even more  msn011.gif

     <=== click!
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« Reply #21 on: Mon 02.11.2009 14:52:30 »

Thigor posted this movie before the pte vs. dark match. Why? Because of he wants the enemy to be frightened. It's a psychological warfare Grin

Mr. Massacre
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« Reply #22 on: Mon 02.11.2009 17:57:45 »

Yeah, first of all, I'm Swiss, just SPEAKING German, as i said

second thing, fcb not so cheeky, you're JuniorFick now! :-P

and at last, eehhhm why am I a "newbie" here, and fcb is a doublekillmember???

cheers :-)
that only shows that i'm superior  Cool
JuniorFick?? really?? thanks! i thought i was the Fick mascot!! haha, roo0kie will love this

i iz doublekill member cuz i haz more postz than you haz. you haz only 16 postz. no0b

Fick Clan is reviving! Join us at www.fick-ut3.tk
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