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Author Topic: Eating Dirt ... literally XD  (Read 1194 times)
Doublekill Member
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« on: Thu 05.11.2009 14:57:43 »

something fun which happened to me yesterday XD
never had that before: im eating dirt while carrying the flag Tongue
just something i thought which would be fun to share Tongue

by Coreper
Mr. Massacre
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« Reply #1 on: Thu 05.11.2009 17:31:36 »

self blow job

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« Reply #2 on: Thu 05.11.2009 17:53:56 »

That happens rarely when u jump too hard but still remain on hover. Sometimes it's funny  Crazysmile1

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Mr. Massacre
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UT3 Fick Clan

« Reply #3 on: Thu 05.11.2009 18:19:46 »

specially with custom chars! so many ti,mes it happens to me when i have the X.E.N.O girl...she starts to fall apart all of the sudden  Crazysmile1

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« Reply #4 on: Fri 06.11.2009 12:47:03 »

really??? i think i have it every 2nd time!!! but its now normal for me so....

sometomes it looks very funny :D
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« Reply #5 on: Mon 09.11.2009 14:35:48 »

thats happend then u bounce realy hard^^

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