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Author Topic: Top Secret: Best drummers!  (Read 967 times)
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Teamplay Ressurection Gang

« on: Tue 01.12.2009 13:24:26 »

I dont know if you guys like percussion and drumming at all,
I just thought if I dont score with my rap taste, maybe you like the best drummers of my hometown Basel, which has a very old tradition of carneval, in the old sense, with drums and pipes (not only the German way of getting baked and crack some bad jokes  tongue).

And there's is a group of the best drummers in Basel which perform on international events and beat every military drum corp: the Top Secret Drum Corp. If you're bored of drums at first, check it out anyway, you'll probably gonna like it at the end, these guys OWN. I recommend to watch it in fullscreen to really see what they're doing with their sticks. Have fun!

in Hamburg:

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« Reply #1 on: Thu 21.01.2010 09:14:42 »

I am not too much in this band...but this solo is prety good...

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« Reply #2 on: Thu 21.01.2010 14:59:29 »


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