Country: Netherlands
Year of birth: 1993

-About Me-

Im studying and working. I am studying for High Security in Leiden, working in restaurants and hospitals, it's fun and I like to do it alot.

-Favourite Weapon-

Favourite: Shock, Sniper, Flak, Link Gun, Enforcer
Dislike: Stinger, Avril, Deemer


Favourite: Necropolis, Sandstorm, Kargo, Containment
Dislike: Suspense, Stranded, Canalwarfare, Redrooms. (Spam maps)


Favourite: Fury, Scorpion, Manta, Scavenger
Dislike: Paladin, Tank, Hellfire

-Favourite Non-UT3 Games-

GuildWars, GuildWars2, Super Mario Bros, The legend of Zelda (Just whole Nintendo) Amnesia, Penumbra.