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521  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Mon 24.08.2009 00:13:50
Okay, no activity in UT3 ... it's sad... this is the reason why i want a training vs the Dark clan
Number 1 but no match... how can we do to meet more people in this game??? :(

 no problem Splitter, for the server  msn012.gif (Yes i pay for something !!!!!)

What about the others members???  xxxshifty.gif

Are you okayyyyyyyyyyyy?  whistle
522  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Sun 23.08.2009 23:59:44
1. how much players?
5 vs 5  ut-minigun-smiley.gif frocket.gif

2. on your server?
and your server  msn012.gif

3. what maps?
Kargo, necropolis and sandstorm  whistle

4. clan vs clan or mixed teams?

clan vs clan  Cool
523  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Sun 23.08.2009 23:46:42
Hi Dark  finger,

what about a training with my clan a sunday 21h00...  msn012.gif

30/08/09 or 06/09/09 ...

Greets, (FR@g)DEVIL_77
524  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Sun 09.08.2009 23:57:05
The new Hellbender  Crazysmile1

525  Guests Area / Videos / Re: RypelCam on: Sun 19.07.2009 11:33:34
Salut Wink
yes you're right aka_sova xxxras.gif so... let's go for the snd part !!!Who will win the match...  whistle   msn012.gif  Cool

526  Guests Area / Videos / Re: RypelCam on: Fri 26.06.2009 18:24:59
I'm happy to see that you like my video  xxxw00t.gif, thanks to all for your comments.

You're right Wink, it is difficult to look 2 video in 1 screen, so you have to watch it again Wink
But as you said, "it helps to understand the situation from different points and to shorten time by showing each actor"

Our begin was horrible, christallis kill me with the dark (euuhhh i don't show it lolllll) Tyrwot thought that he was superman lol Wink 1st match clanbase for clado ... Our teamplay was not good and there were no "coordinations" (no Progressive attackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lol) and i tested a new line up... clado will be a good player Wink
jastrzomb is a good player too, but he change team now his team is eX  :)

bkrt need a good flagrunner support is awesome => You're right too, in this match, the mission of Tyrwot is to kill, Christallis too, and me too. That was the job clado helping by |FR@]@till@77.
Don't worry, i work my impact jump with bots (thanks to bloody bender and vegaskill for your videos, for rypelcam too, it help me Wink ) and we got Eypo, christallis and news members that we are forming  whistle

Bloody Bender
"Really nice devil! But I prefer metallica  msn012.gif
I like how you used the rypelcam!"
<= i think i use rypelcam "as the time of age of stone"  Crazysmile1 but thanks!!!!!  whistle (this video takes me more than 20 hours)

i prefer the sound of the guitare too lol i have seen AC-DC on concert in Paris this year (Incredible for 50 years old...!!!What a f_cking showwwwww) and i want to do a video with their song (WArrrrrrrrrrrr machineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wink )

But now i need to kill a lot of players  Crazysmile1 because this video takes me a lot of time, so see you in 2 weeks i think  wink2.gif
527  Guests Area / Videos / Re: RypelCam on: Thu 25.06.2009 18:04:10
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss video out Wink but i don't know how turn over  a shoot like the combo shock (i lock the player with "L"... but it doesnt work :(, i'll do some others tests  Crazysmile1 ), so, i do it ... with Campoints "5" and turn over and clic on "5" , not the right thing but it works lol...

I stop Metallica, my clan prefers others types of music like... this Wink (i hope lol) PROGRESSSSSSSSIIVE ATTACKKKKKK  :D  ATTACKKKKKKKKKK lol

Enjoy Wink

Partie 1

528  Guests Area / Videos / Re: RypelCam on: Sat 20.06.2009 11:04:19
Thanks  msn012.gif but i have install the old version  whistle.
It's not easy to do these video and take a lot of time.

Au revoir Wink
529  Guests Area / Videos / RypelCam on: Wed 17.06.2009 17:26:10
Hi Dark  xxxras.gif

This question is for the PGM of the world of the video of the most beautiful game UT3, not me, but Vegaskill  msn012.gif.

I try to make a video with RypelCam 3.02 but i have got some... "shittttttttttt"  Crazysmile1
When you are on a player, you can turn over this player whit the mouse in the old version of RypelCam but not in the last... use "L" doesn't work with RypelCam 3.02...  msn004.gif

Can i have your "opinion"? Thanks  msn012.gif

(I hope you understand me, sorry for my english  Crazysmile1 )
530  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Sat 28.03.2009 00:35:59
Hi Dark  Cool, hi Mordpass,

I have read some things in your forum... I would like to do more training with Dark (2 or 3 in a month) because i want to test differents lines up in my team, and all members could play Wink that more fun for all. That what you want do with your team b, no Wink

We have choose sandstorm for the training 05-04-09  whistle

Tell me, bye finger lol
531  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: K_G_ is not a member of _Dark_ anymore on: Wed 25.03.2009 18:52:00
Hi Dark Team,

I have learned it yesterday, that K_G left your clan for X reasons...
Good luck to him, i hope we will see his new team on clanbase to do more matches Wink, did he left the clan alone?
They can come to our clan  laughanim2.gif
No lol, i take only skilled players who can speak french  xxxras.gif

Who is the new clan leader? You challenge my team for a friendly match Mordpass  whistle
It will be okay for us Wink

Bye alllllllllllll see you on UT3  finger lol
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