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Author Topic: Forum Rules!  (Read 1129 times)
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« on: Sun 21.06.2009 15:41:26 »

1) Foreign Languages.
While we realize that UT3 is played internationally, the boards are English-only and do not allow any foreign languages, unless a translation is provided.

2) No arguments on the _Dark_ forum.
•  Don't use this forum as a platform for arguments among individuals, groups or clans.
Any speech that constitutes a personal attack is prohibited. Do not insult others for their ideas/opinions no matter how ridiculous they may be. If you want to address only a particular member, use the private messaging system. Any post found to be flaming is cause for discipline.

3) No spamming.
•  +1 posts
•  smiley posts
•  double posts
•  creating threads on a topic that is already being discussed.
•  threads targeted at one person/a few people (use PM, e-mail, or IM instead)
•  unsolicited advertising of other websites or products
•  incorrect linking

4)  No illegal content.
•  content that breaks any laws
•  copyright infringement

5) No cheating/hacking.
•  No use or promoting of hacking software

6) No inappropriate use of avatars and signatures.
•  Oversized, flashing or by other means distracting avatars and signatures are prohibited.
•  The space for signatures may not exceed 150px.
•  Don't use content from posts as signature. If you use text in the signature, reduce the font size and change the style to look different from the text in regular posts.
•  Advertising your clan website in the signature may be allowed, but it will depend on the content of the site.

7) Do not post inappropriate content.
•  political propaganda
•  religious content
•  racist and abusive posts

8) Consequences for violating the forum rules
•  hidden and censored posts
•  warnings
•  bans
•  ...or further measures, judged by Moderators.

Not the site administrators, but YOU are fully responsible for your actions!

Now have fun in the Dark Clan Forum
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