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Author Topic: Windows 7  (Read 902 times)
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« on: Thu 26.11.2009 18:28:19 »

I have xp installed and ut3 keeps crashing and giving me blue screen of death.
I installed Windows 7 on a new drive and still having same prob, and yup, win 7 has bsod also.
What could cause this, memory maybe?

On Directx 11 also now : )

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« Reply #1 on: Thu 26.11.2009 19:04:28 »

Did it again, it said Dumping Physical memory to disk  on the BSOD?

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« Reply #2 on: Thu 26.11.2009 19:09:54 »

don't know much about those problems but...i once got a loo-a-lie problem, and i found out that my HD was really really fucked up :/
maybe some of your components is damaged or something...

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« Reply #3 on: Fri 04.12.2009 13:01:54 »

Hmmpf, this Announcement means only, that the OS write the RAM on a HDD and then restart the system. To find out, which error cause this problem, you have to deactivate the automatically restart (In the Control Panel/Systeme/Remote/Extended/Start dunnot know exactly the englisch names of this path). Then take a pic from this BSOD (if its a Bluescreen xxxshifty.gif) and we can try to find the cause.

In the most cases the gfx-driver is the reason, sometimes the ram.

To find out that the gfx-driver causes this problem you has to start in the safe mode. If it works, deinstallt the driver and reinstall it, or update. Therefore you have to start the safe mode with the network drivers.

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